The new Shimano Ultegra groupsets look almost identical to Shimano Dura-Ace, but there are some subtle differences – here's what you need to … It’s worth noting that some bike makers do an aluminium-framed version of their end above bikes, fitted with Shimano 105. It’s considered a “new road” bike, both the 105 and Ultegra versions have hydraulic disc brakes (yay) the one in 105 comes in a puke green, while the Ultegra comes in a muted grey. Architecture 4 branches pour le pédalier Shimano 105 5800. That was many words, but I missed the part of describing how 105 performs differently from Ultegra apart from the weight. It is easy to change a couple of components later to make the bike feel like a larger size. I went with carbon wheels, carbon frame, 105 gearset. So, for instance, in the article, 11 speed first appears in 2012 in Dura-Ace (9000), then a year later in Ultegra (6800), and then two years later in 105 (5800) and has yet to appear in the Tiagra line (presumably the 4800). Shimano 105 contre Ultegra (trop ancien pour répondre) Eric LAMBERT 2004-08-23 06:42:31 UTC. That said, if I ever feel that getting electronic gear shifting is an absolute must – perhaps you count yourself in this category –  then clearly Ultegra is the only choice (assuming I/you don’t have Dura-oodles of cash for the top of the range alternative). Your next bike: Tri bike? If you want to become a Shimano knowledge-sensai, you need to be aware that there is a number that corresponds to each named groupset (okay, need is a strong word). Shimano 105 and Ultegra are 2 of the most often picked groupsets by road cyclists. I have an aluminum Specialized and now upgrading to carbon. No, it will. Your logic is impeccable and it is exactly what manufacturers want you to think; whether it be a bike, a car or a computer. (okay, I couldn’t be bothered to Google what it stands for). Cela comprend, pour un groupe de transmission complet : les dérailleurs avant et arrière, les étriers de frein avant et arrière, le pédalier, la cassette, les leviers de freins, le boîtier de pédalier et la chaîne. Have you ever dropped the bike and possibly bent the derailleur or hanger? Not sure if anyone is still active on this post or not, but thought I’d give it a try. This was all quite straightforward (okay somewhat straightforward), until Shimano started adding an ‘R’ at the beginning of some of them, and I got a bit befuddled. Any opinions? Components have generally improved, but not across the board equally. Right now other than 200g and some reviewer claims that the rim brakes are better, the only real difference is the available of electronic shifting with the Ultegra 6870 which can be ignored in the case of this commenter. Some misc thoughts: Titanium frames are essentially permanent; ie, there is actually zero measurable loss of resilience over time, especially from the miniscule stresses a bike frame feels, compared to radical loads of say an airplane. Most of the change allows closer gearing in the middle of the cassette. Permalink ... les prix à l'unité ou par groupe devant être peu différents ! Replace your cassette every two chains. I would spend my money getting a comfortable frame with 105 components. I’m thinking this is wear on those rear gears. 11s is the newest and will have spare and replacement parts available longer, and that, I believe is the biggest advantage. My local REI (US cooperative outdoor equipment chain of stores) priced the one I ordered at $1799, a ridiculously low price, and an expert there said I’d be surprised at how good the model 105 group-set is nowadays, and that I’d probably not be disappointed. I found it helped me because my hands are arthritic and it really relieved the pain going to larger cogs. You get some idea of the relative costs though. Can anyone comment on how the 2 compare? Suite à la première partie de notre dossier sur les groupes route et triathlon, voici les détails des poids et prix publics conseillés pour les pièces ou groupes complets de ce millésime 2019/2020. My blog contains Affiliate Links. The alignment is a quick adjustment. En tant qu'élément pour les vélos de route, un fonctionnement sans contraintes est l'une des propriétés les plus importantes pour allier freinage, changement de vitesse et pilotage confortable pendant toute la journée. However I suspect that the 105 would have been fine for many years of fun and excitement. The better you are and the more you ride the more you would appreciate the upgraded bike. Shimano brought out a new version of its 105 groupset in 2018, but how does it compare to the top of the range Dura-Ace? Its new Hollowtech crankarms and Hollowglide outer chainring are actually hollow structures that facilitate some of the crispest front shifting in the industry. Pay a couple of hundred quid more and you’d be into Ultegra territory. Ultegra derailleurs will yield better shifting and ultimately will last longer. Shimano’s new 105 (5700) and new Ultegra (6700) are both great groups for road and triathlon use. Shimano didn’t come out with a ‘105 Di2 5870’. I assume both bikes are the same size and you are sure the size is correct for you; this is even more important than group. My real question is this – are the 2015 Ultegra parts close to the 2017 105 parts? I avoid riding in the rain so the added braking power is not something I look for, but you may consider. Posted 7 years ago I’m a little late getting in on this, but I just got a bike with Ultegra 6800, and wanted to chime in. I’ll know in 10 or 20 years! Maybe 11 speed is it. ©2021 Beginner Triathlete. Or nicer road bike. The cassette started as a Deore XT 11-36. The answer is Ultegra. Updated with actual weights, deals, price, specs table, and more None the wiser, that’s where. This post might contain affiliate links for which we may make a small commission at no extra cost to you should you make a purchase. Overall, I would say the Ultegra are comparable to the 10-speed Dura Ace, if not even slightly better (especially braking). If you think 70g weight difference in shifters the pair (5800-6800) is going to make you faster than me good. Still have the 105 calipers, so I think that is the only remnant of the original groupset. But two huge advantages. I could probably look up when they changed the crank from 5 bolt to 4 bolt or when they changed the bottom bracket design to have outboard bearings and see a similar trend. You want to take care when buying individual components (e.g. This should not be the case. The 105 updates are great. That expression doesn’t come from literal year, but from model year. That said, i will report back when I get some conclusive impressions. But I’m deluded and believe that this might make me a better cyclist. ... un Shimano 105 vieux de 8 ans, qui comporte 7 vitesses). Shimano va avoir un problème avec de 105 di2. The key thing is to enjoy what your bike and to make it comfortable for you. Purists might point to a little more finesse in the Ultegra front and rear derailleur, but there’s not much in it. It came with 105. Case in point, the Trek Domane range is no longer a good example – whatever tech they’ve put into it means the frame is quite expensive and savings are made by speccing the equivalent bike to mine (the SL4) with some Tiagra components. The chain ring bulges slightly acting as a ramp for Ultegra’s asymmetrical chain to climb up onto the big ring. Make sure the upgraded bike has the full Ultegra group – crankset, bottom bracket, chain, brakes, shifters, cassette. This is some serious riding you put on! Keep the road Ti, forever. They’re available from ‘the internet’ in some cases for less than half the recommended price. Yo! I did read that about the span being more than an actual year. Then you start looking into gears a bit more. Right now I ride about 20-30 miles 2-3 days a week. Chains and cassettes wear out a lot faster than derailleurs. LJ, yes, still here by default I think. The difference is approximately 200g (i.e. I’m no Froome-dog and I’ve only returned to cycling reasonably seriously in the last 3 years but my experience is that there’s little between them (unless, of course you want the electronic do-dah). Thank you! Fit Werx offers the most scientific and complete bicycle fitting services in New England, the Northeast and beyond. I’ve done this myself, with my 10-speed 105 5700 groupset. If you click on an Affiliate Link and then buy something, I get a small commission. In summary, both of them weigh about 2.5kg. Both Ultegra 6800 and Shimano 105 R5800 could give 11 speeds and you may get up to five different options in the cassette range. If your this has been happening since new possibly the chain is too long or the B screw needs adjustment. And so the world turns. I have tried this myself and can vouch for it. Also braking performance and feel, which of course is really important over the long haul. Buy the bike that is most comfortable for you. ), the actual prices you’ll need to pay are substantially lower if you decide to build up a bike from scratch. If it is over 1% change the chain and cassette. I think that by comparing complete groupsets you are doing everyone a disfavor. Anyway, to aid comprehension, here’s a little table I knocked up to show the range numbers of the current and prior generations of top end Shimano groupsets: The dates show the ‘model year’ for when each new generation was launched. There is 1 quick and simple answer to that, and that is that Shimano 105 is a 11-speed groupset and Toagra is a 10-speed groupset. Now a (very) quick canter through the different elements of the groupset: If you want more of an idea then this article provides a pretty comprehensive overview of the various group sets on the market. Does the weight make a difference? I write entertaining articles about road cycling: gear reviews, training advice. like a silly hump for your thumbs to get annoyed by. The marginal upgrade in performance does not justify the significant higher cost. I am much inclined to go with the current 105 10s configuration and leave more expensive upgrades for later. And like you mentioned you can buy better wheels or frame. That is how I started. On the inside, Ultegra’s lighter, harder internals and higher quality bushings and springs account for lighter shift action and better brake modulation. Check out our comparison of Shimano 105 v Shimano Ultegra. My other wheelsets use proper cartridge bearings all round and never need adjustment, so for my next project (another titanium frame) I will buy up a new just taken off a bike 105 groupset and try and find some good used wheels. The overbuilt structure of the crankset coupled with the chainring has far more of an advantage in power transfer over the 105 which doesn’t sport a hollow outer chainring. When I knackered the front derailleur, I replaced it with the equivalent Ultegra version (10-speed 6700). If that’s you, then you’ll be more interested in the price point of the full bike, which I’ve discussed above. The upgrade groupset parts as they become worn out. A 12-28 would have been far more practical and although I don’t think I “need” the 28, I do live in a very hilly area and would have embraced the spin if I had that smaller gear. Par ailleurs, le groupe Shimano 105 a connu une grande mise à jour en 2018. Cosmetically, Ultegra boasts a carbon shift/brake blade while the 105 sports an aluminum blade. As you might have picked up, my trusty Trek is adorned with 105 (5700). If your bike shop doesn’t find anything wrong, try having them shorten the chain by one pair of links. The frame geometry, design, and sizing/fit is going to matter more than the components (which is not that much weight and mostly the finish), the only exception is that if the Cannondale Synapse happens to be a disc brake version (in 2015, Canondale made both in the Synapse line). So I recently picked up a 1991 Cannondale SR800 that is wearing 105 (1055). A groupset is a component manufacturer’s collection of mechanical parts, usually covering the derailleurs, shifters, brakes, chainset, bottom bracket, cassette and chain. Once you find the problem change the chain and cassette then adjust alignment and the B screw. ultegra-change a couple of materials to save a haircut in weight, tiagra-put 10 teeth on the ratchet wheel instead of 11. i’m considering a Cannondale Slate. Seems the cost for the Ultegra set is within 20% of getting 105s. Assuming all you have are wear and maintenance issues I would upgrade the chain and cassette to Ultegra and keep the derailleur. They take very little effort to stop, yet they don’t catch bad enough to throw you over the bars. you could be deluding yourself because you spent all that extra money and would feel a fool if there was no functional difference. I live and ride in the Sierra foothills and San Francisco Bay area, so I can use all the help gearing will give me. You finally succumb to the rule of n+1 and you start looking for your first ‘proper’ road bike. As things wear, replace them with a higher grade chain and cassette. Brake pad quality is another significant factor in the performance of Ultegra brakes over 105. The shifter also feels much tighter with the Ultegra. These are just some points to consider. Hello! (Which I reckon is a song lyric waiting to be put to music*). The bike at $1750.00 will have tax added to that price. You are not riding great distances yet, and you don’t want a poorly fitted bike to destroy your riding enjoyment. New ULTEGRA R8000 series is "pro-proven" as it is a direct trickle down from DURA-ACE groupset. The Cannondale Synapse Carbon 105 2021 model costs £2,200 ($2,838) whilst the Ultegra version is £2,700 ($3,483); Specialized Roubaix Sport (with 105) costs £2,750 ($3,548); the Roubaix Comp (Ultegra) comes in at £3,500 ($4,515). the current ones), again with Di2 options. All dressed up with tires and cassettes both sets come in under 6 #. There is your performance increase right there! Go with what looks best to you and the one that is the most comfortable. The heavier groupset will make you stronger because it’s heavier, then later when you upgrade to the lighter more expensive groupset you’ll be stronger and faster. Since I know you were all particularly taken by the concept of each groupset have a name and a number, Ultegra Di2 is also known by its East German spy code of R8050. Many are going to disk brakes. This was all very helpful, and gives me some more information to consider before making my choice! Now, back to your originally scheduled article…. Subscribe below and I will send you enjoyable and helpful cyclo-info straight to your inbox. If not then they are likely ok and I wouldn’t change them. Seriously, how practical is that? As much as we may protest, we enjoy purchasing gifts for our bikes. A part 400 euros, il y a t'il une grosse différence entre shimano 105 R7000 et ultegra R8000 les 2 groupes pour un amateur comme moi. Also I recently came across a used set of Zipp 404s which I bought. The derailleur started as a Ultegra di2 (small cage) which is modified with a Deore long cage. Has this been happening since new or is it a recent development? Precise shifting and much better ergonomics. groupsets. The bike online for $1100.00 includes shipping and any fees. Tiagra sits above that, followed by 105. An Ultegra chain has a better, nickel-like finish and a stronger riveting process than allows for a laterally stiffer chain. Pour l'instant la partie commune à l'Ultegra di2 et au Dura Ace di2 coûte dans les 500 euros. The lever throw seems a little shorter, and it is harder to miss a shift, especially going up the cassette. Ultegra’s barrel adjuster might simply be nicer from the perspective of a mechanic. If you have to go 105 for the cost, you won’t be disappointed, but it is definitely worth it to think about upgrading the rear derailleur and possibly the levers. Mais qu’en est-il à long terme ? That I am still asking these questions at age 66, and still riding at least 2K miles a year while working full time tells you how great a sport biking is!!