It will inspire you to live a more full life. Also vital is Diggin’ Roots with Ron Artis the 2nd. 1223 membres ont répondu 1. The album’s closer, ‘Rock and Roll for the soul’ is just that. Described by its creator as a ‘straight vintage-style blues album.’ Blues Bash is just that. And in case you’re wondering, Johnny Iguana is the right pianist. Having spent most of his career as an R&B songwriter (The Ann Peebles hit ‘I can’t stand the Rain’ is his best known song) the 78-year-old from Memphis, Tennessee has also dabbled in releasing vocal albums. FANTASTIC NEGRITO - HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND YET. Singles 1953-1956 Faye Adams. Bai Kamara Jr. & The Voodoo Sniffers sont nommés dans la catégorie « Meilleur Album de Blues Acoustique » aux Blues Blast Music Awards 2020 Dernier album de Bai Kamara Jr. & The Voodoo Sniffers, Salone est en lice pour remporté le prix du “Meilleur Album de Blues Acoustique” à la prochaine cérémonie […] In terms of song quality, We Fly Free is uneven. Take me Back does just that. His energy and passion for the blues has clearly not diminished even in his 81st year. In time, it may rank as one of the very best blues songs of all time. His unique blend of folk and blues could not possibly belong to anyone else and, for anyone unfamiliar with the legend, ‘More From the Levee’ would be a wonderful place to start. The clever ‘Phone Zombies’ is as brilliant and funny as the blues can get, while also commenting on the contemporary world in a way that few blues song do. If 2020 will be forever remembered as the year of a deadly pandemic, it can also be thought of as a year that demonstrated the undying spirit of the blues. Perhaps his most endearing quality for his fans is his resistance to change. Although Wilson’s voice is the album’s centerpiece the finest track Strollin’ satisfies most when it allows his harmonica to do the singing. Dion’s latest venture, Blues with Friends, features yet another change in direction. 5.0 out of 5 stars 1. St. Louis’ Mike Zito’s Quarantine Blues is that album and has a power that will outlast even the stubborn Coronavirus. ‘Lady Day and John Coltrane’ pays homage to a pair of jazz greats in the most stylish way imaginable, combing jazz and the blues with a maturity you may have forgotten was possible in the blues. They are raw, unpolished and ragged. If nothing else, ‘Roomful’ serves as an undeniable reminder of how the blues can sound with a solidly skilled horn section. $13.99 #42. ‘Struggle for Grace’ offers the best showcase of the bluesman’s pipes, demonstrating his range, his power and his warmth. This isn’t something for a listener seeking a lightweight piece of pop fluff. Acoustic blues master, Rory Block gives us another terrific album celebrating the blues artists of yesteryear. It’s a fine enough album closer to make you forget that Stronger that strong is at times a little uneven. Recorded in Muscle Shoals, with the legendary Jim Gaines producing, we get six originals and five covers, including the delightful cover of Van Morrison’s Crazy Love, delivered with a laid-back bluesy vocal performance backed up with some lovely gospel vocals. A recent inductee into the Blues Hall of Fame, Bettye Lavette’s name may not be as familiar to some as other greats, but make no mistake, this blueswoman is deserving of the highest praise available. Avis à tous les fans de musique : 2020 va être une année bien chargée question sorties d'albums. A truly memorable effort. Born in Michigan in 1946, Lavette’s vocal stylings owe as much to mainstream R&B that the blues, but her sweet, silky voice belongs as much in this genre as her harder-edged sisters. If this album is any indication, they’re just getting started. Full of punk-rock energy, as Jesse Malin said of it, “It’s like Muddy Waters meets the Stooges. But ‘What the Hell’ — a challenge to current political/social polarization — may be the album’s standout track. The respect is mostly earned through a mastery of old-school instruments. Meilleur album jazz 2020 Meilleur album de jazz 2017 - Jazz Radi . The man sounds every year his age and his latest effort works precisely for this reason. All told, Royal Tea, is exactly what a fan of Bonamassa has come to expect. Sure, there’s humor laced in this tale, but we get the feeling Smither means it. This 10-song set that features Block’s intricate guitar work, and her nicely phrased and bluesy vocals. Full review here. But Copeland has recently turned forty and her voice shows all of the gravity and none of the rust of a blues elder statesman. Picking standout tracks is tricky. Vika & Linda – bringing some joy to iso(lation),…. By. Exhilarating, invigorating stuff. Young sisters Megan and Rebecca Lovell seem to be on a mission to revive lagging mainstream popularity of the acoustic blues by performing mostly recent pop and rock hits. Burning Witches - Dance With The Devil. Previously unreleased, this blistering 20-song set is from four shows in England during an early 1977 tour across the UK in support of Rory’s then latest album Calling Card. Let’s just hope some younger fans can give ‘My Blues Pathway’ a listen and learn the same lesson from him. Et on retrouve en tête de classement la sublime Cécile McLorin Salvant, une grande pointure du jazz en 2017. California-born blues guitarist Kirk Fletcher has the kind of soulful, ebullient vocals that make us briefly forget what an extraordinarily gifted guitar whiz he is. When all is said is done, it’s hard to imagine anyone getting a better introduction (or re-introduction) to the amazing sounds of blues piano at its best. Une fois la fenêtre Wikipédia ouverte, vous pouvez parcourir simplement tous les liens avec les boutons précédent ou suivants. JOHN PRIMER & BOB CORRITORE -THE GYPSY WOMAN TOLD ME, VICTOR WAINRIGHT AND THE TRAIN - MEMPHIS LOUD, ELVIN BISHOP & CHARLIE MUSSELWHITE — 100 YEARS OF THE BLUES, JOHNSON JEREMIAH - UNEMPLOYED HIGHLY ANNOYED. Produced and co-written with the Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach, there’s a fine balance of approaches here, from powerful blues rock here in The Well to the late-night blues of Wildflowers and Wine to the 70s Southern rock of Sweet Mariona. Altogether, Stand Up compares with the best work of the late Amy Winehouse. Kris Lager Band: Love Songs & Life Lines. Releases from stalwarts like Savoy Brown and Robert Cray as well as newer voices like Whitney Shays and Shemekia Copeland shone as brightly as ever. Mayfield, Gary Golio & E.B. ‘Have you Lost Your Mind Yet’ is not for those who prefer their music — blues or otherwise — performed in a more straightforward, conventional manner. New Releases Now - Sign up to find top new songs of 2021 and videos from the best new 2021 albums! 4.8 out of 5 stars 5. ), Charlie Patton: Voice of the Mississippi Delta, Robert Sacré (ed. Each affiliated Blues Society of The Blues Foundation has the right to send a band and solo/duo musician(s) to represent its organization at the IBC. With the world of contemporary blues so dominated by guitar heroes (and to a lesser extend harmonica stars) it’s good to be reminded how expressive a blues instrument the piano can be with the right pianist at the helm. The full-voiced tenor has created an album that has its share of weaker moments, but on balance, Take Me Back is a strong work and fine introduction to the fan who’d never before experienced his output. It’s toe-tapping stuff, never a dull moment, as Wainwright and the Train barrel down through the tracks. Discover and listen to new music releases and 2021's best new album releases this week and every week here. Full review here. If you’ve got a younger blues fan with birthday coming soon, Stand Up would make a lovely gift. Tackling the legendary works of Jimmy Rogers, Larry Williams and Jimmy Nolan is no easy undertaking, but Grammy nominated vocalist and blues harpist Kim Wilson is up for the task. Check out our interview with Rebecca and Megan here. The next time you lament the death of the blues due to the neglect from younger generations, just give a quick listen to Memphis Loud by Victor Wainright and the Train and rejoice. This is a richly textured album from the hugely talented Landreth and his band, which is impressive the first time you hear but repays repeated listens in spades. The best showcases of his talent include the tortured ballad ‘I’ll Go Crazy’ and the foot-stomping ‘Cracked up Over You.’ Bryant’s latest release contains more than a few echoes of old-school R&B and that is not a bad thing — at least not in Bryant’s capable hands. The classic Hellhound on my Trail gets the album off to a rousing start, but things only get richer and more alive from there. Even at his advanced age, he needs little to no enhancement to his sound to shine. If you’re ready to dive into something out of the ordinary, it’s close to a masterpiece. Robert Cray is a name and a sound well known to any true lover of the blues. ‘Love and Sympathy’ follows in a similar vein, urging the listener to keep love alive in times of turmoil and distress. NEW YORK (AP) — The top 10 albums of the year by Associated Press Music Editor Mesfin Fekadu (a playlist of the albums can be found here):. We’re at the half year mark and it’s been a pretty strange year so far. ‘Unemployment Highly Annoyed’ hints that The 48-year-old guitarist/vocalist isn’t a happy man. Until then, this effort will serve as a solid building block for what may someday become a brilliant career. ... in a white-blues lineage with … As with any time-tested blues star, Landreth only grows in stature with each passing release. There's no disputing that 2020 was a terrible year as we had to stay inside, work from … Another strong example is the dance track ‘Sweep the Shack.’ It’s a simple tale about a man who’s eager to finish his day of work to get back into the arms of his beloved. Lockdown Blues: The Jakarta Post's Best Albums of 2020. Après la seconde guerre mondiale et l’apparition du 33T en 1948, le jazz va connaitre un nouvel essort. Victor Wainwright & The Train, Memphis Loud. Standout tracks include the soulful B.B. ‘Have you lost your Mind’ contains elements of rock, funk, hip-hop and jazz. It’s a badass record.” It’s real and it’s raw and Williams takes no prisoners – certainly not Trump who is firmly in her sights in Man Without A Soul. A nightmare of a virus may have given us all the blues, but as usual, our favorite genre could be relied on to help ease the pain. The International Blues Challenge represents the worldwide search for those blues bands and solo/duo blues performers ready for the international stage, yet just needing that extra big break. Living In A Burning House Selwyn Birchwood. 2019 Blues Albums As the world of mainstream popular music grows more and more focused on technology and its latest trends, the blues gains a new kind of respect among those too young to recall the genre’s early days. Sometimes, having friends in the right places helps a great deal. With a pandemic spiraling our world into crazy and dangerous directions, it was only a matter of time before the blues world captured the malaise and committed it to glorious sound. We also learn that the wounds of his upbringing, far from killing his spirit, has fueled it. Amazon. “Spell My Name,” her 10th album, was released in August … July 31, 2020. With liner notes by Bob Dylan and a stellar cast of blues musicians – Van Morrison, Paul Simon, Patti Scialfa and Bruce Springsteen, Joe Bonamassa and Jeff Beck…the list goes on – Dion’s new album is pretty special. Songs from the Road will make a believer of you. Audio CD. Having celebrated thirty years as a band, Ronnie Earl and his Broadcasters have seen more than their share of changing times. Le magazine Slate dévoile sa liste des disques de jazz. In times like these, it’s vital to get the occasional reminder of how fun the blues can be. Zito’s guitar work shines most on the hard-driving ‘Don’t Touch Me,’ but the standout track may be the closing track, ‘What it used to be’ a soft and poignant ballad at a time when such a thing is desperately needed. 2020 Blues Albums Spotify Playlist If 2020 will be forever remembered as the year of a deadly pandemic, it can also be thought of as a year that demonstrated the undying spirit of the blues. Un albums double que je recommande à tous le monde : le coffret Chess de Willie Dixon car il y a dans ces 2 disques t presque toutes les legendes du blues Muddy Waters, Howlin Wolf, Otis Rush, little Walter. That brings us to his latest offering That’s What I Heard. But their latest release contains a number of songs that could have only seen life in the current day. This is a lesson he seems to have learned from the greats of the blues. Read our review here. Guy Davis, Fabrizio Poggi: Sonny & Brownie’s Last Train, Ian Zack, Odetta: A Life in Music and Protest, Michael Corcoran, Ghost Notes: Pioneering Spirits of Texas Music. The track that grooves and swings the hardest is ‘Ain’t Goin’ to Do It.’ It’s the kind of song you play when the party slows down a little and needs a jolt to keep your friends from reaching for their car keys. Buddy Ace Meets Al 'TNT' Braggs Buddy Ace. For the non-fan, it is also essential — and a likely tool for conversion! A strong opening track has a way of steamrolling the listener into submission. The same could be said of ‘Watch Your Back,’ a darker form of satire than ‘Zombies,’ but also clever and salient enough to the album the color it needs. First rate set of bluesy, soulful Americana from a man whose guitar chops and richly textured vocals are making a lot of people sit up and take notice. iTunes. Although not quite aged enough to qualify for ‘legendary’ status in the blues world, he’s established himself as a reliable presence, releasing album after album of gems. A British blues/rock duo and husband and wife, When Rivers Meet have the kind of frenetic sound that the blues needs. This is their first release together, but ‘100 years’ sounds as effortless and organic as something you’d expect from friends with a decades-long history of collaboration. Toni Braxton, “Spell My Name”: I can breathe again, thanks in part to the living legend Toni Braxton. As is the rest of the album, really, with its apocalyptic overtones and searching questions like, “Is there light at the end of the tunnel?” In any case, it’s a majestic piece of work from the 79 year-old, something of a masterpiece. The most obvious example of a timely song is ‘Blues for George Floyd.’ With a self-explanatory title, it pays gentle homage to a fallen citizen and victim of ignorance who has, for deeply sad reasons, been very much in the news of late. Walkin' With Friends The Night Walkers 2020 $1.95. Gains in … A listen to ‘You Make Me Feel’ must provoke the listener to ask why he hasn’t released more. ‘All My Dues are Paid’ is a truly special album. The plaintive voice of Chris Smither has served him well for decades. Songs like ‘Battleground’ and what seems to be a Hendrix tribute ‘Kissing the Sky‘ bustle with speaker-rattling vigor, but others simply don’t. It also doesn’t hurt that the band’s leader (also its singer and chief songwriter) has the shredding skills that guitarists of all ages would understandably envy. But then again, strange is a word the listener would likely use a lot when describing Fantasic Negrito. This time she’s focused on women blues artists, and exploring some of the more obscure material. It returns the listener to the vintage day of the blues, when all it took to get a juke joint jumping was a good man playing a great harmonica. Great guitar blues with exemplary craft. For all his obvious skill as a songwriter, his resonant tenor rattles the soul just as much. Also of note is Give Me All the Love You Got, a surprisingly heartfelt ballad that engages in that age-old blues tradition of begging for a woman’s affection. This is the voice that couldn’t give witness to a lie if Smither wanted it to. Combining hip-hop with the blues is something a fair number of artists have dabbled in over the years, but G Love and his band Special Sauce, have made it a career for over two decades. Audio CD. Marcus King and his band have a gritty quality that many younger players seem to lack when they enter the world of the blues. On this song, Wilson’s harmonica must be heard to be believed. Sales Data =BLUES ALBUMS. Both lyrically and musically they vow to keep going and going, providing the listener with ample incentive to keep listening and listening. To anyone concerned with the current state of the blues, Whitney Shay’s latest release ‘Stand Up’ could have been delivered with you in mind. If it’s not the album’s best track it’s a close second to her cover of the stunning Billie Holiday classic ‘Strange Fruit.’ Overall, Blackbirds is a very compelling piece of work. And a couple of live albums worth mentioning, both from Irishmen, both sadly no longer with us. The Myth of the American Dream, D.L. In fact it stays on its feet all the way through. Albert Collins: Ice Pickin’ (Alligator, 1978) Born Albert Gene Drewery in Texas and nicknamed “The … As Dion says, “The blues is a beautiful form of music that God gave to us.” Full review here. Uncivil War is a staggeringly ambitious album and because Shemekia Copeland has the skills to see it home, it may be the year’s best blues album. As a vibrant collection of songs, ‘All My Dues are Paid’ continues to fuel it — even beyond the singer’s passing of roughly five months ago. Bryant is a rhythm and blues singer who doesn’t leave the blues behind. En voilà une bonne nouvelle ! But then again, Stronger Than Strong isn’t just an exercise in navel-gazing and indeed, the upbeat love ballad ‘I Can See Your Light Shine’ offers the best illustration of the blues at its happiest. Nearing his 80th birthday, Smither’s voice shows wear, but this isn’t a bad thing. It’s seems like only yesterday that Shemekia Copeland was hailed as a prodigy of the blues, an incipient star in a genre often neglected by those of her generation. Releases from stalwarts like Savoy Brown and Robert Cray as well as newer … This is very much the case with Elvin Bishop and Charlie Musselwhite’s deeply satisfying 100 Years of the Blues. All in all, Roomful of Blues’ (kind of) self-titled album would be a nice introduction to anyone unfamiliar with the band — or anyone who doubts the sincerity of revival bands. 2020 was a hot mess, and one way to escape the madness was through music. It’s not a blues album per se – songs like I Contain Multitudes and I’ve Made up My Mind to Give Myself to You are, like the rest of the album, quite brilliant, but definitely not blues songs. Not that sheer technical mastery is the only tool in his shed. When two time-tested veterans of the blues world combine forces, the results are often explosive, brilliant and reliably enjoyable. Audio CD. Inspired by the current pandemic and the subsequent lockdown, it’s actually, an upbeat plea for us all to ‘calm the hell down’ and ‘have a little faith/ in the human race.’. Reckless Blues Joanne Shaw Taylor 2020 $0.75. These guys are the real thing. “Help me stay fearless,” she sings towards the end of the album, “Help me stay strong.” Her prayer’s been answered in this album. The Lovell sisters’ latest album takes over from 2018’s terrific Venom and Faith. Joe Bonamassa’s credentials are well known to any fan of the blues — especially those whose tastes revolve around tasty guitar work. ‘Boy Sit Down’ is very much a stand-out track with Change with the Time coming in a close second. All told, That’s What I Heard is a top notch effort. Blacktop Run is a much better album than it might have been years earlier. The hard-hitting ‘Lookout man’ best demonstrates how heavily the guitar hero can rock while still remaining true to the blues world. In 2020, Robert Cray sounds as much like Robert Cray as he did in 1990. Copeland’s latest release is a breathtaking journey through the past of Black America, beginning with the horror show of slavery and ending with the current day’s unending chaos. Standouts include the plaintive Can’t Start Over Again (with Jeff Beck) and ‘What if I Told You’ (with Samantha Fish). King tribute ‘Thank you Lucille’ and the hilarious album closer ‘Money.’. This band packs a powerful sonic punch that could fill any room. Creeper - Sex, Death & the Infinite Void. If anything, the rockin’ blues on offer is even more raw and arresting. Dance With The Devil is an absurdly exciting and wickedly … Don’t let the title of Jeremiah Johnson’s latest album fool you. Le précédent étant paru en Mai 2017. The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time (Les 500 plus grands albums de tous les temps) est un classement musical figurant à l'origine dans un numéro spécial du magazine Rolling Stone publié en novembre 2003.La liste était basée sur les votes de 271 musiciens, critiques et personnalités de l'industrie du disque, chacun proposant une liste de 50 albums. Black Crow Moan Eliza Neals 2020 $1.50. Picking a favorite would be tough, but the soft ballad ‘Bell Bottom Blues’ (first made famous by Eric Claptain) is nothing short of heartbreaking. “Let it Go’ is an almost painful listen. More than anything else, he lets his soul lead the way. Le Grammy Award du meilleur album de blues contemporain (Best Contemporary Blues Album) est décerné depuis 1988.Il n'a pas été remis de 2012 à 2016, période pendant laquelle il a été fusionné avec le Grammy Award du meilleur album de blues traditionnel dans un prix unique intitulé Grammy Award du meilleur album de blues And then there’s the gothic 17 minute Murder Most Foul which may not be blues in form but in lyrical content pretty much is. ‘Romance in the Dark’ is as erotic and romantic as its title suggests while also containing a slice of bitterness. Rise up features other demonstrations of this band’s ability to revive the past, recognize the present and brace for an uncertain future. The guitar legend at the top of his game in a small club performance at London’s Islington Academy on December 2nd, 2009, with beloved Moore favourites like Still Got the Blues and Parisienne Walkways. Another touching example is ‘Black Lives Matter.’. This is modern blues at its best and you gotta love the fabulous vocals of Rebecca, the glorious harmonies of the two of them and Megan’s sensational lap steel work. Indeed he sounds like he means everything. The week of April 11, 2020. Nothing complicated here, just good old fashioned blues you can shuffle to. Veteran singer/songwriter Dion DiMucci has seen enough dramatic shifts in his career’s direction to last a few lifetimes.